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Discounted Official PTE Platinum Kit

Buy 3 Fully Scored PTE Academic Mock Tests

(Same as the ones that are available on www.ptepractice.com)

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USD $79.99

(AUD $116.85)


Our Price

USD $54.99

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Why study with us?

Study Hub strives to provide first rate curriculum, teachers, teaching, facilities and services.We provide:

Initial assessment and guidance:  all students are taken through an assessment to help us identify your current English proficiency level, advise you on the appropriate course and develop a training plan.

Customised curriculum:  all students receive a curriculum that has been designed for your individual needs with which you can quickly and effectively improve your test scores.

Individual attention: we offer small classes so every student receives individual attention from our expert teachers. One-to-one tutoring is also provided for students who we feel require additional support.

Weekly assessments:we provide weekly assessments to monitor your progress and skills development.

Constructive feedback: feedback, aimed at improving your test scores, is provided all work completed in class as well as homework submissions.

Tips and Techniques:Study Hub teachers use the latest techniques to help you get the required score you have been striving for.

Last minute help: everyone is nervous and anxious when they are going to sit for their exams, we help you to GET OVER that Nervousness with Last Minute Strategies that will make it easier for you to succeed in your exam.

Flexible Timetables: we have classes in the morning, evenings and over the weekends, and will devise your training plan according to your schedule.

Practice Materials: we provide an abundance of online and offline practice materials for all your courses.

Online support: all our students receive a log-in to Moodle (an E-Learning platform), where you are able to complete tests from home and receive results and feedback.

Flexible payment plans: we offer flexible course payment plans for students to choose, including weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment plans.

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