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PTE Unlimited Significant updates of 2018

Maybe you aren’t aware, but the PTE make periodical changes in the test. Some very significant changes are made and you just can’t miss them. Today we are discussing the updates which have been done in 2018. You must be curious to know the changes and how do they affect the exam, then, this blog is for you. And you would know why you need to join PTE Unlimited for.

So, what exactly has been changed in the PTE test?

There are no changes done in the exam pattern and if someone tells you that pattern has been changed, then don’t take such rumors seriously. Even I have heard people saying that now there will be 4 essays asked. But, think logically, if you are asked 4 essay questions, then it would have to provide you with 80 minutes for writing and this is just for the essays. Thus, don’t fall for any lies. The truth is that the number of questions will still remain the same, i.e. 20 and the section will also remain the same, which is writing, speaking, listening and reading.

If there are no changes, then what exactly has changed?

There are many questions which have been added to the question bank of PTE and this means, there won’t be any more old questions in the exam.

Who is going to suffer?

If you are in a habit of memorizing the questions, then you will be one of the victims of this change. But, you can do one thing to avoid this, which is stop memorizing the questions. Focus on understanding the context of the questions and never just try to remember each and every question and their respective answers. You must know what a particular type of question demands and how you can attempt it in order to get a score of 90. Memorizing everything is not good and it can even affect your performance.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the changes that you will see:

  1. Speaking section: the very first task in the PTE test is ‘Read Aloud’ and you will see some very new questions in it. You will see some very difficult words and you shouldn’t be surprised to find some words which you have never heard. For this, you can start practicing and read various types of academic texts. To practice in an effective way, you can also join a PTE Unlimited class.
  2. Writing section: If you have given the test for more than one time, then you know the questions usually remain the same, just the series change. But, now you’ll see some new additions to the ‘summarize written text’ task. Also, in the ‘write an essay’ task, about 30 new essays have been added. So, avoid mugging up the questions and try to learn the approaches to solve a particular type of question and practice more and more.

So, don’t waste any more time and try to attempt as many sample papers as you want. You can also join PTE Unlimited course at the Study Hub to prepare for the PTE in an effective manner.

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