Study Hub’s Teacher Selection Process

We ensure all our teachers have the required qualifications and references, which we carefully and thoroughly check prior to interview. Selected teachers then undertake a two to three week training program wherein they audit other Study Hub classes and teachers and undertake monitored teaching themselves.

Study Hub’s Classroom Quality Assurance and Control

All teachers at Study Hub are professional and passionate about their teaching and their students, which guarantee an environment conducive to learning and educational success.
We ensure all classes are conducted in the way we prefer by initial teacher training, regular teaching observations and feedback, and continued teacher support. We also cultivate a shared and supportive teacher and teaching environment that promotes best practice and quality assurance.

Study Hub’s Professional Development Program

Teachers are encouraged to attend PD workshops on a regular basis, and are required to provide input in terms of specific areas in which they would like further development. These workshops are then developed to incorporate teacher needs, thus ensuring all teachers at Study Hub are progressive and are at the forefront of their profession.