IELTS Letter Band 8 Sample 5

Formal letter for Applying a Job
You are looking for part-time employment.
Write a letter to an employment agency. In your letter
  • introduce yourself
  • explain what type of work you are looking for
  • say what experience and skills you have

 Vocabulary bank

 Experience and skills words

  •  have recently graduated
  • over ten years’ experience
  • my most recent position
  • be responsible
  • first degree in
  • a diploma in
  • Return to work
  • flexible
  • position
  • be employed in
  • sectors
  • job


Vocabulary Usage

 Dear Sir,

I am writing to register with your agency as a part-time teacher of English as a second language. I am returning to work after an extended break to bring up my young children. Whilst I am quite open to considering other positions, I would ideally prefer to work for around 12 hours a week in an accredited language school,teaching young adults.

You will see from my enclosed resume that I have over ten years’ experience as a teacher and that I have been employed in a variety of different sectors including primary, secondary, and higher education. My most recent position was working in China teaching academic English to students studying to go to university in the UK. I was not only responsible for delivering lessons, but also helped to redesign the course. You will also note that in addition to my first degree in classics I have a diploma in TESOL in, and a diploma in using technology in the classroom.

Please could you let me know whether your agency might have any suitable positions available for me.

Yours faithfully,

Joe Franck