IELTS Express Course

IELTS Express Course

  • To raise your level of English proficiency
  • To focus on the skill area/s that you need the most help with
  • To also include all other skill areas
  • To provide specialised grammar instruction
  • To encompass either the Academic or General Module depending on your needs
  • To help you to be fully prepared and confident to take the real test

  • Improve your reading speed to maximise your score
  • Understand the eight most common question types
  • Practice with a wide variety of opportunities

  • Understand and practice:
    • Four of the essential essay types and themes
    • Four types of graphs (Academic module)
    • Four types of letters (General module)
  • Learn and practice how to:
    • use high level academic vocabulary relating to the themes
    • interpret and correctly answer an IELTS essay question
    • quickly and effectively outline an IELTS essay
    • write effective introductions and conclusions

  • Learn and practice a variety of tips and techniques for success in the IELTS listening test, such as:
    • predicting the answer
    • focusing on the whole question
    • looking at two questions at once
    • looking for clues in the question

  • Learn and practice:
    • specific tips to help you fully answer the questions and maximise your score
    • techniques that will help you to face a wide variety of question types based on a wide variety of topics
  • Cover all three sections of the speaking test and be assessed by one of your instructors

To further improve your chances of succeeding in IELTS, we will also introduce you to a variety of study techniques, such as:

  • the importance setting goals
  • how to detect errors and fix them