IELTS Essay Band 8 Sample 9

Advantages and Disadvantages essay on International Aid

It is a moral duty of developed countries to provide aid to poorer countries. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of aiding poorer countries?

It is generally considered that International aid practices are an integral part of global relations between nations. Considering this, some analysts advocate that it is the moral responsibility of affluent nations to provide necessary assistance to poorer countries. Although the topic of international support is controversial one, there are people on both sides of the argument who have very strong feelings.

There are immense benefits that poorer countries as well as rich nations can achieve. Firstly, International aid facilitated by rich countries to poorer countries can alleviate the problems that usually surround poorer nations. Hunger, poverty, health, and sanitation issues are good examples to support the fact. The rich countries can set up a system in place that provides free healthcare to the poor, and also improve the sanitation conditions. With financial support, the poor countries can spend the funds they had set aside for education on other things like infrastructure and improved amenities.

Moreover, International aid also helps to encourage a healthy relationship between both nations. For instance, The United States has an aid system called US Aid that helps a lot of countries all across the world. This has promoted good relationships between the countries.

Despite international aid being beneficial for poorer countries, demerits of the same in some situations cannot be overlooked. Firstly, international aid can be lost due to corruption which is prevalent in many nations nowadays. It has generally been observed that, politicians, government officials and other people take huge chunks from the aid, and when the richer countries see that little work has been done with their money, they withdraw their support from that country. This sours the relationship between the countries as well as deprives the poor people of something good. Moreover, citizens of the rich countries also disapprove of this behaviour that their hard-earned money is wasted by their government on corrupt politicians abroad.

In summary, it is an unquestionable fact to consider that international aid provided by rich nations to poorer nations can act as boon for both; however the negative phases of the similar policy are even detrimental that need considerable addressing.