IELTS Essay Band 8 Sample 6

Essay on Smoking

Smoking causes serious damage to the society. Some people suggest that smoking should be banned completely? Discuss.

In many countries, smoking is undoubtedly becoming a fashion statement in today’s material world and this addiction is leading to irreparable damage to the society. There is overwhelming worldwide medical evidence that smoking is very harmful to the health of both smokers, and those people and children around the smokers who inhale passive smoke. Numerous countries and their people do not countenance smoking, and therefore both are moving to, and legislating towards, entirely staunching consumption of tobacco. In this essay, there will be an examination of the proposal to dramatically reduce the harmful effects of smoking, and the essay will ascertain its practical implementation in the society.

Despite the huge taxes collected by governments from the sale of tobacco products, economists and health analysts contend the overall costs to the community of smoking far outweigh the benefits. There are many positive aspects of forbidding smoking completely. Firstly, overwhelming worldwide evidence proves conclusively that smoking is one of the highest causes of deaths in developing countries. Unlike most things that people put in their mouths, like food, water, tobacco, and especially the manufactured product made by cigarette companies, contains chemicals that make the user totally addicted. So people can with some motivation give up rice or milk, but giving up cigarettes is exceptionally difficult. In addition to this, there is also growing concern regarding passive smoking. In recent scientific research, it has been proven that passive smoking is very injurious to a person or people around any active smoker. The policy of cigarette prohibition will clearly also save passive smokers from contracting a range of illnesses. It is also well known know that pregnant mothers who smoke cause harm to their babies.

However, despite having positive aspects behind proscribing smoking, there are few negative phases of this policy too. First of all, cigarette tobacco is a drug – an actual drug – or composition of a cocktail of drugs, and these act on the brain. For many people, smoking therefore helps them to relax. It’s majority of people smoke either before exams or when they are stressed. Unavailability of cigarettes will let people suffer. Furthermore, governments throughout the world derive huge revenues from levying taxes on cigarettes. These funds are used for all sorts of things such as building of various infrastructures such as academic institutions, hospitals and many other important public amenities. By halting cigarette sales or manufacturing, governments will struggle to find the money to fulfill public necessities.

In summary, the world would be better place without cigarettes. However, the choice as to whether to smoke or not should be left to the individual.