IELTS Essay Band 8 Sample 5

Causes and Solution Essay on Personal Stress

Personal stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world and it causes untold damage to many millions of people daily.

What are some of the factors in modern society that cause this stress, and how can we reduce it?

Vocabulary Bank

  • Contemporary
  • Detrimental
  • Respond
  • Eustress: Stress experienced in good situation.
  • Emotional
  • Stressor : A stressing situation
  • Manage
  • Taxing demands
  • Tension
  • Breaking Point
  • Mental strain
  • Anxious
  • Techno stress: Stress caused by technology
  • Comfort food
  • Peer pressure: the feeling of needing to do the same thing as all your friends.
  • Incorporate
  • Acclimatise : adapt
  • Depression

In this contemporary world, countless people worldwide are increasingly suffering from the detrimental effects of stress and much of this can be laid at the feet of our consumerist lifestyle. Various elements could be considered responsible for the growing stress in our society. There are, however, practical measures that can be implemented to mitigate its worrying impacts.

It is quite obvious that the world we live in today gives us many stressful and intensifying situations to deal with which becomes the reason for growing stress. Firstly, we now live in a world of crass consumerism, where for many, the greatest needs have moved from survival requirements of food and shelter, to the desires for material possessions that others have. The world’s rapidly increasing population is now being much better fed, with a shift in need going from the most basic, to the next level of satisfaction being the acquisition of perceived wealth.  People are becoming acclimatised to the glorification of middle class affluence and nothing demonstrates this prosperity more than the accumulation of more and more, requiring more and more money, harder work, greater emotional pressure, less time with family and greater drive to show off and be shown off. All of these are major causes of stress.

Fortunately, a person can act in several ways to reduce stress. One method is better time management. Spending some time every morning to plan the day and to set realistic targets accompanied with better division of work can alleviate stress. Knowing the health risks associated with stress, a person should selfishly decide to undertake a range of de-stressing activities such as meditation, yoga, reading, taking special time out to relax. Paradoxically, managing time for breaks and relaxation may seem difficult when one is increasingly stressed. However, relaxation breaks will assist in controlling one’s life and reducing one’s stress as well.

In brief, it is true fact to consider that stress from our lives could not be eradicated completely, however the by adopting above said proposals there are the chances to reduce the level.