IELTS Essay Band 8 Sample 4

Essay on Self Employment

Some people say that self-employment is better than working for a company or institution. Discuss both points of view. What is your opinion?

Whether to work under someone or to own establishment is very sensitive and complex decision. Some analysts insist that working for the company is superior in oppose to being self-employed. Other, however, have opposite viewpoint for the same situation. I personally believe that having own business is best decision to earn livelihood.

Starting own businesses is the dream of many people despite the obstacles that they will need to overcome. First of all, they can establish a trade that they are interested in, rather than wasting time in monotonous jobs. This nature of work can bring immeasurable profits for the owner rather than being living in state of concern which further may become a cause of stress. In addition to this, owning a business may bring autonomy to operate the work. For example, many people around the world are operating their businesses with the aid of telecommunication which provide them an ease to serve in home tasks simultaneously. However, the drawback is that they do not get as much support as working for a company, because the resources for this kind of employment are usually limited.

In contrary, Working for a company or organization is also a good way for those who like to follow the rules and do what they are asked to do. The advantages of this kind of work are enormous, such as good training, professionalism, essence of work culture and hefty compensation. Nonetheless, people who work in such environments can get bored in their job sooner or later because their tasks rarely change in a long period regardless how hard they work.

In conclusion, it can be very enjoyable either to work for ourselves or to work for a company, although there might be some extra advantages of choice and flexibility in owning a business. Being an employee of a company or self-employed can be very exciting. So, it should be left on individual to decide the avenues of generating his/her livelihood.