IELTS Essay Band 8 Sample 2

In the modern world car ownership is regarded as a right. However, some argue that governments should try to reduce the number of cars on the road by improving public transport, as the growing number of cars on the road causes traffic congestion and pollution. Discuss.

In the 21st century, owing a car is a common attribute. Though according to some views the government authorities should enhance the modes of transport for the public in order to lessen the number of vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. A large number of vehicles on the roads create traffic pollution and traffic chaos. While there are some problems with this proposal, there are also some relevant solutions, as will now be discussed.

There are some obvious problems related to this issue, such as: pollution from large number of vehicles exaggerates the global warming crisis. For example, fuel which is used in cars emit plenty of poisonous gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. As a result when these gases are mixed in the environment, they create air pollution. Another problematic issue related with the large number of cars is noise pollution. It generates disturbance in various activities and at the same time it gives rise to several health problems. Last but not least, the large number of cars on city roads creates traffic jams and chaos. This situation, for instance, can be avoided by reducing the number of cars on roads. Also traffic jams waste a lot of precious time which can otherwise be used in other recreational activities.

Despite these problems, there are also some suggested solutions like installing anti-pollution devices in cars. These devices can be very helpful in reducing the pollution to a large extent. Another possible solution is to provide education to people about traffic sense and imparting knowledge about global warming problems.

As discussed above, this proposal has a variety of notable problems and solutions. However, the best way to get rid of this problem is to impart more education and knowledge to the population. By creating awareness about these issues, the general public will be able to contribute and help eradicate it.