Some Amazing Tips For Attempting PTE Exam

If we talk about the largest and the newest computer based exam, then Pearson Test of English comes first in everyone’s mind. This exam is conducted in order to test the proficiency of the candidates in the English language. This exam involves three sections, as mentioned below:

  1. Speaking and writing simultaneously
  2. Reading
  3. Listening

In this blog, we will discuss about some tips that would help you in scoring good in the various sections:

  1. Speaking and writing section:

This is the first part of the PTE exam and it would test your proficiency in writing and speaking English language. You have about 77-93 minutes to complete this section. In the speaking section, your interpretation and pronunciation will be assessed and in the writing section your ability to use the grammar correctly and the way you provide the answers is observed. You should know the depth of the English language in order to understand the use of grammar and to interpret in the correct manner.

Let’s check out the various constituents of the Writing and Speaking part:

  1. Repeat sentences
  2. Personal introduction
  3. Essay
  4. Re-tell lecture
  5. Read aloud
  6. Describe the image
  7. Summarize the written text
  8. Answer the short question

Now, let’s discuss some of the points, which would help you in improving the way you attempt the questions in the first part.

  1. Summarizing the written text: This is a complex part, but still you can score the maximum in this section. You are required to provide a summary of a paragraph and that too in just about 75 words. To complete this, you only have ten minutes and to keep a check you can verify your word count at the bottom of the screen. The basic rules of the word limit and time, you should follow and there shouldn’t be any violation done. By practicing hard, you can clear this exam and you must learn how to use the complex sentences. You might get confused, but don’t panic and read carefully.
  2. Essay writing: in this section, your writing skills are tested and how you make use of innovative ideas with ability in just a time period of 20 minutes. The word limit given to you is about 200-300 words and you can’t exceed the given limit. Before you start writing, try to analyze various things like the topic and you have to prepare the key points. First, you have to invest a little bit of time, otherwise you won’t be able to write an amazing essay. Also, you have to be unbiased while writing any answer, it’s just you have to write down your views without opposing someone else’s.

What all do you need in order to do well in the PTE Exam writing section:

  1. Skimming and scanning: you should read the entire passage and must find out the focus of the content. When you scan the content, then you would know what are the keyword, what are the phrases and what is the basic idea of the passage.
  2. Go through the passage in a prompt way: Have a look at the content in a detailed manner and then decide how you are going to proceed. You have to divide your work and then use the clues to completely understand the content.
  3. Plan everything out in a creative way: Never start your exam just like that. You should first collect all your ideas and then find a creative way to implement them. Be careful about repeating the points and try to include something new in every sentence. Bring out new ideas in each and every paragraph and don’t go beyond three paragraphs. Your writing should be such that you can get a perfect score for that. Also, with planning, you would be able to present your answer in a clear manner and there won’t be any need to stop and restart.
  4. Make use of a structured format: while writing, you should prefer writing in paragraphs, as it keeps the reader engaged. You should start with the introduction paragraph and then in the next paragraph you should include some arguments which supports your idea and the topic. In the third paragraph, you have to include the arguments which are against the topic and in the end you have to conclude. This is a very unambiguous way to write and you would get the marks accordingly. And yes, don’t forget the word limit and use the keywords in an appropriate manner.
  5. Experiment with vocabulary: For PTE exam, you have to prepare yourself with the required vocabulary, and this can only be done, when you’d read books, newspapers, autobiographies and many other things. Don’t miss anything and read as much as you can, this would surely help you in finding new words and phrases that can help you in improving your vocabulary. Always remember that with average words, you would get average scores. Try to stand out when it’s about vocabulary.
  6. Manage your time: it is necessary to keep a track of time and manage it accordingly, as i whatever time you have, you have to complete all the writing part that too without missing any point. For writing an essay, you’d be having about 10 minutes to summarize and 20 more minutes to write. Thus, try to allocate enough time to each section, so that at the end you can complete all of them in an effective way. Never start writing immediately after getting the question, as you might get confused at the end. Thus, it is advisable to read the content thoroughly and then start writing with a plan in mind. Also, keep the track of your time.
  7. Don’t forget proofreading: Keep in mind that proofreading is important and may be you have written the best answer ever, but due to small errors and mistakes it would lose its essence. Thus, save a few minutes to proofread your answers and reviewing it in a proper manner. Read carefully, so that no spelling error goes unnoticed and you come up with something better.
  8. Maintain simplicity in your content: don’t forget that you have to include correct grammar and it is the most essential thing. When you follow a complex structure, then chances are there that you would make grammatical errors. Keep your sentences to the point, logical, short and easy to understand even while you are using some innovative words.
  9. Try to overcome your weaknesses: You should focus on improving your writing and work on your weaknesses. With regular practice, you’d come to know about your weak areas and you can thus practice to improve them.

Now, let’s move on to the PTE listening module, where your listening skills would be tested and it would combine both the reading and the written skills. Here are some points that would help you in ensuring a good score.

  1. Listen vigilantly: You must listen to the content carefully and intently, as it is very much necessary for your PTE test. You  can practice it by listening to the audios, which are available online and listen to some good lecture on any topic which interests you. Various sample PTE audios are available online and find out where you stand. With time and practice you would keep on improving and learn more and more tricks to score good.
  2. Taking the notes: Now, this is the most important thing, as practicing with audios is not enough, until you know how to write down your notes. By this, we don’t mean that you have to write everything. Only write what interests you and whatever you find important, like what is the main concern discussed in the audio, is any problem being discussed here, are they providing solutions to any common issue. When you take the notes of the audio, then you’d be able to complete many tasks. When you have practiced the verbatim after listening the audio tapes, then this doesn’t mean that you have to write everything. But, don’t miss anything important like to make some bullet points of the topic that you think are important or have a small summary in points.
  3. Write down the primary words: Never miss the words that can help you in summarizing the audio in an effective pay and be attentive while listening. It’s true that you can’t write down the entire audio, but at least you can note the essential parts. This way you can convert the audio easily into a summary that too within the given word limit.
  4. Utilize the time gap: Before performing any task, you have a time gap of about 7-10 seconds and you should use it in the best manner. This time can be utilized to go through the questions or to read the answer choices and to be ready for the audio. Do take about 5 seconds to check your responses and the errors that you might have made in your content and then move on to the next task.
  5. Scan the choices you have in order to make a guess: First, check out all the answers you have and go through them and mark the ones that goes appropriately with the question. Highlight the content that seems correct to you in a quick manner before the audio starts. In this way, you’d be prepared for the topic which is going to b discussed. This will also help you in eliminating the options that are not suitable and you can easily guess the perfect answer. For multiple choice questions, this is the best choice.
  6. Before responding to any question you must listen to the entire recording: Never be in a hurry to mark your answers and first listen to the entire audio. It is essential, as the speaker might mention something important at the end. Thus, listen carefully and then answer because with more accurate information the answer might change. Sometimes you think that you have got the answer after listening to a few lines and then your attention gets distracted during the rest of the audio. You might not know, but it is possible that the speaker is presenting some crucial information at the end of the audio. Thus, not paying attention while listening the audio till the end is dangerous and you should take care of that. Try to take down some notes and don’t judge the answer after listening to the starting paragraph and wait till you have finished the audio.
  7. With the test pattern, you should also know about the scoring pattern: It is necessary for all the candidates to get familiar with the test pattern when they are appearing for the PTE test. This would tell you about the number of tasks that you have to do in a single module, and the time limitation that you have to follow. There are some tasks that would need you to keep a track of your time and the number of words, thus you must know. When you are well aware of the test pattern and the scoring pattern, then you can score better. It will also save your time that you otherwise spend in thinking about the various tasks and how to manage time accordingly. Apart from the test pattern, do take care of the scoring pattern, so that you can prioritize accordingly.

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